“Kuna People” are people who live on the beautiful “San Blas” Islands of Panama.

Kuna People and San Blas Islands (video)

For the last 25 years they are well known to have the lowest rates of heart disease stroke, high blood pressure and cancer. For years scientists try to find their secret, why they don’t get sick.

The secret consist in their life style.

The Kuna people drink coconut water, they eat fresh meat, cooking with milk, and they bathe with coconut soap .The coconut got compounds improve their sleep and even maintain a radiant skin. The fats in coconut milk and the oil have been shown to accelerate weight loss. For a change you can use pure virgin coconut oil to cook your meals.

Their colorful  fabrics (known as molas – take up to one week to make one) are prized around the world. Kuna people surround themselves with vibrant colors; the colors are improving their well being. An intense color can enhance your vitality and give a sense of beauty to your life. A nice color can change your mood and everyone around you will be happy.

The key factor behind their low heart disease rates is the fact that Kuna people consume 4 or 5 cup of cocoa per day. Studies proved that cocoa lowers bad cholesterol increases the good one, lowers blood pressure and lowers the risk for diabetes.

Kuna people are known for their beautiful crafts. Kuna women spend up to 50% of day making crafts.

Kuna People

Kuna People, Panama

This way the stress factor and anxiety are reduced and there is no heart problem. For people like you and me, what we can do is try to keep stress under control by using meditation or yoga.

Kuna are very spiritual people. This way they keep their strong identity, and probable the traditions are linked to their low stress level. Traditions are making us who we are, and they can help us fight the anxiety and stress.

Another thing is the way they dance to special occasions with aerobic benefits. So you can try to jump and move around; in this way all your cell in your body are active helping with repairs and eliminate toxins.