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What to Eat to Combat Winter Depression

Transitions from one season to another can affect your health and mood, though often you do not realize this, and the cold season you can throw you straight into the arms of depression. You’re more agitated and nervous when the weather is colder, falling into melancholy, sorrow and a lack of motivation. It means that [&hellip

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The Correlation between Mood Swings and Diet

It is good to know that there is a close interdependence between people’s mental and physical health and the nutritional components of their diet. The explanation is simple and logical. Your digestive process transforms foods, i.e. fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins into chemicals used in your metabolism. These chemicals will fuel all your body [&hellip

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Whole Foods that Will Make You Feel Good when You Are Emotional

1) Avocado It is very creamy and can be a satisfying option when you crave for fatty food. Fats are playing an important role in your body, is helping vitamins absorption. Avocado is good for you and is loaded with antioxidants.   2) Papaya Papaya contain an enzyme called papain that will help you to [&hellip

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