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Fruits and Vegetables Can Reduce the Stroke Risk

A recent study in Sweden shows that regular consumption of great quantities of vegetables and fruits lower considerably the risk of stroke. The study belongs to the famous “Karolinska Institute” (or Royal Caroline Institute) from Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, and shows the benefits of introducing fruits and vegetables in your diet, at quantitative level. [&hellip

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Living a Healthy Life | Norwegian Style

Norway is the land of the lean because of their healthy lifestyle. Although Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, Norwegians lead a simple but healthy life. The results are obvious. Norway’s people are one of the slimmest peoples in the world. According to World Health Organization, less than 6% are significantly [&hellip

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Everything about Swedish Bitters – Uses, Recommendations, Benefits & Precautions

Swedish bitters is well known for a long time, as an excellent natural herbal tonic that helps alleviate and even cure many ailments. Not many people know that this miracle drink was discovered by Paracelcus (the famous Renaissance botanist physician and alchemist). However, it was rediscovered in the 18th century by two Swedish medics, Dr. [&hellip

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Denmark Goes For a Healthy Lifestyle

Danes have a healthy and wise outlook on life. You are rich when you live a healthy life and you are always relaxed. Moreover, for them is more important to prevent than to cure. Denmark, this Scandinavian country offers an eco-friendly, high-tech and culturally vibrant lifestyle. In fact, the entire Danish calendar is filled with [&hellip

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Healthy Lifestyle Swedish Type

Living a healthy lifestyle means to understand all factors that affect our overall wellness. In fact, we understand all the factors that affect our lives but we cannot control them all. We have very little or even, no control over “aging” or “genetics”. However, you can definitely, have control over other many factors that affect [&hellip

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