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Asian Diet & Its Healthy Principles

The Healthy Principles of Asian Diet Help You Lose Weight In fact, the Asian diet does not need any recommendation. The excellent shape and health of the population from which it comes recommend Asian diet as a ideal nutritional model for a healthy lifestyle. States such as Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand show the [&hellip

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Boost Your Immune System with Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus or “Huai Chi” root is one of the most known and used herbs in Chinese medicine. This amazing plant has been used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine and is well known for its beneficial effects on the human body. In fact, when we say “Astragalus” we do not refer only [&hellip

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help You to Heal Yourself

Traditional Chinese medicine is famous for its natural herbs remedies. Its history is going back more than 2000 years ago. Chinese people had their specific way to diagnose and to cure a disease. Use Cordyceps to Boost Your Energy If you are feeling tired and your energy is low, this Chinese mushroom extract can may [&hellip

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