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Sun and Its Catastrophic Effects on Your Skin

One of the most important secrets of Hollywood stars is sunscreen cosmetics. Protected every day, summer and winter from the harmful effects of solar radiation, the skin retains its appearance for a long time. On the other hand, excessive exposure to UV radiation can have catastrophic effects. Even if you do not want to abandon [&hellip

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Dr. Oz – Cancer Types and Risk Factors

Breast cancer often receives the most visible information campaigns but there are other cancers that are diagnosed too late in many cases. Learn from Dr. Oz what type of cancer you are prone and how to eliminate the risk factors. Skin cancer and lung cancer are the most dangerous and prevalent types of cancer but [&hellip

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Zeolite – The Miracle Mineral

Zeolite is used since ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine and Russian medicine, of course influenced by Asian culture. Zeolite is also used in multi-millenary medicine, Ayurveda, practiced by Indians from the time of Ancient Vedic culture. It was “rediscovered” by the latest research in the cancer field and other diseases of the third millennium. [&hellip

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High-Fat Diet Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

Eating foods high in hydrogenated fats may increase the risk of women to develop breast cancer, suggests a research conducted by University of California and quoted by Daily Mail. This study conducted on mice showed that a diet that predisposes to metabolic changes and obesity stimulates early breast growth and leads to the development of [&hellip

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How to Slash your Risk of Colon Cancer 70%

Conform to the last research, colon cancer can be prevented. Making simple tweaks to your diet could lower your risk by 70%, or even more. a) Add to your diet more vegetables. Try to eat romaine lettuce, will help you to reduce your colon cancer risk by 75%. This leafy green is a very powerful [&hellip

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How to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk by 60%

Brest cancers rates have considerable increased in the last 10 years. The factors which concur to this situation are diet to high in fat products, alcohol in excess, less fiber consumption, and the most important factor is the obesity conform to the last studies. Another important risk factor is the genetically one, and when this [&hellip

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