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What Diet Should You Follow if You Take Birth Control Pills

Hormonal contraception is today the most common method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Both partners must however, be aware that hormonal contraceptives do not reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Hormonal Contraception Methods The known methods of hormonal contraception may be classified briefly in: – Contraceptive Implants; – Contraceptive Patch; – Contraceptive Pills; – Contraceptive [&hellip

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Kiwi Fruit Has Aphrodisiac Effects

Does the kiwi fruit indeed aphrodisiac effects? It is hard to believe that this little fruit contain miraculous properties that can improve your sex. You have probably tried many methods before and are quite skeptical. But it is the truth and it is not surprising given the high content of nutrients and vitamins of this [&hellip

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Natural Remedies against Impotence

Chickpeas Can Combat Impotence Magical potency pills were more than welcome to many men, but the effect was not always successful. Most times, after several months of using these pills, they no longer have the desired effect. So, which is the best solution? Perhaps you should look for the most effective solutions with minimal risk [&hellip

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Ginger and Its Amazing Benefits for Your Sexual Health

Ginger has started to be an ever present ingredient in our cuisine and drinks. And no wonder because its amazing benefits have become increasingly popular. Stomach sedative and powerful antioxidant, ginger not only help you lose weight and feel better, but also make wonders for your sexual health. Ginger is native to Asia, is part [&hellip

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Natural Supplements that Increase Your Sex Drive

Men and women around the world face, at least occasionally, with temporal declines, of their sexual appetite. A less pronounced libido does not necessarily indicate a lower affection, but may disturb the harmony in couples, the sexual satisfaction and the closeness between two partners. Fortunately, natural medicine abounds in natural supplements that help greatly in [&hellip

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Sexual Health – Why Libido drops when It’s Cold Outside

Winter affect libido, but paradoxically most babies are conceived in this cold period of the year. Find out why libido drops when it is cold outside, and how you can return to an optimal level for your sexual health. The cold weather influences in most cases even the passion, and the reason seems to be [&hellip

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The Truth about Aphrodisiacs & Plants for Passion

From ancient times, people have tried to improve their sex life, using plants drinks, spices and foods known as aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are those substances that can increase the sexual desire. The definition is coming from the Greek name of goddess who protects the sex life, Aphrodite. First aphrodisiacs were chosen for their similitude with female [&hellip

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