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Diet Secrets for Healthy Breasts

Breast diseases, from the harmless ones to breast cancer are unfortunately increasingly common nowadays. There are many factors that explain this proliferation of these breast diseases and one of the most important is poor nutrition. It is known that diet plays a vital role in the maintaining of a good health. A healthy diet helps [&hellip

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Boost Your Immune System with Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus or “Huai Chi” root is one of the most known and used herbs in Chinese medicine. This amazing plant has been used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine and is well known for its beneficial effects on the human body. In fact, when we say “Astragalus” we do not refer only [&hellip

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How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Staying healthy during the winter season can be challenge. If you catch a cold, this can be a great opportunity to stimulate your immunity system. Recent study shows that when you are outside in the cold temperature, inhaling the cold air, your body is more likely to catch a cold or flu. The physical stress [&hellip

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Do Not Let the Cold or Flu Bring You Down & Fight Back with Foods, Supplements and Herbs

It is again that period of year for flu and cold season. Flu symptoms include everything from stuffy nose to muscle aches and these can weaken you. As winter sets in, we are spending more time indoors, increasing our exposure to nasty cold and flu viruses. Though we are not always able to avoid these [&hellip

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Easy Ways to Increase Your Immunity System and Stay Healthy for Life

We all know that we should exercise more, sleep enough and eat the right food. The problem is we do not have always time to do the right thing for us. There are many ways, which can help you stay away from diseases, without spending time or money. If you enjoy drinking your coffee, there [&hellip

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How to Keep Your Digestive Tract Healthy with Probiotic Bacteria

Having a properly digestive system is important. The good bacteria, probiotic, can help you heal your body and stay in shape. What you have to do is to choose the right probiotic for you. Lactobacillus GG might be your solution for eczema and dry skin. This probiotic has an anti- inflammatory properties reducing your dryness [&hellip

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How to Straight Your Immune System

Fight infection with vitamin D. Research shows that people with higher level of vitamin D in their system have the lowest number of infection. Your body use vitamin D to boost your immunity system. The daily level recommended of vitamin D is 1000 to 1500 IU. Get enough sleep. People who have enough sleep may [&hellip

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Health Benefits of Using Garlic or Taking Garlic Pills

Garlic was used and known from antiquity, either seasoning food or traditional medicine. You can eat garlic raw as is it, or if you have got a sensitive stomach you can take the pills. Garlic is the richest natural reservoir of catalyze, has a preventive and curative antiviral and anti tumor curative action. In addition [&hellip

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Give Your Immune System a Quick Boost

During the life our body is constantly at war, holding infection and disease at bay. Every day, thousands and millions of microbes in contact with are inactivated by this system without us knowing. The hundreds of cancer cells, which exist in every moment even in the most healthy of us are also removed and kept [&hellip

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