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Dash Diet – Protects the Heart and Helps You to Lose Weight

DASH diet is considered at this time, to be the most healthy and balanced diet in the world, because it helps you to protect your heart and lose weight almost effortlessly. Moreover, experts say that DASH is not just a diet, but a lifestyle designed to help you be beautiful and healthy. However, before you [&hellip

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A Healthy Heart with Foods that Cleanse Your Arteries

It is true that a balanced diet is the safest way to maintain health of your heart and cardiovascular system, but the researchers also discovered a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol. In this article, I will present 10 foods that cleanse your arteries and can protect you from cardiovascular disease and that you should eat [&hellip

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Dance – Aerobics and Cardiovascular Training

Let’s be sincere here, the moment a person mentions this word, “aerobics” you become a little scared due to the fact that the first thing that comes to your mind is the image of exhausting  and breath ceasing physical exercises. Dance-aerobics are perhaps, one of the greatest and also, funny ways to stay healthy and [&hellip

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How Chocolate Makes Your Heart Works Better

It is much more than our wishful thinking; chocolate is truly, good for our health. Researches prove that chocolate is loaded with health benefits, especially dark chocolate may have a great contribution to improving our cardiovascular circulation. Cocoa has an almost magical effect to your heart, due to its high percentage of antioxidants (polyphenols). In [&hellip

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