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Wonder Herbs Can Cure Cataract

Cataracts are the main cause of vision loss. In fact, cataracts are the main culprit of blindness in the world. Generally, cataracts occur over age 40, and only in U.S. more than 22 million people have this disease. The main cause of the cataract is clouding of the lens. The lens is made of protein [&hellip

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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Bright

When you meet someone, first you see her or his eyes. Eyes are like a mirror. You can see good things or bad thing, and this is not only metaphorical specking, your eyes reveal not only your beauty but also it shows how healthy you are. Wrinkles Wrinkles are face undergoes changes in the skin [&hellip

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How to Avoid the Dry Eyes Effect

Dry eyes, this common condition, which it’s often giving you pain and irritation, can be traded and preventable. Generally, healthy eyes depend largely on constant flow of tears that have a major role in moistening and cleaning of the eyes. Tears are produced by tear glands that are located around the eyes and have a composition [&hellip

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