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Dr Oz: What You Eat Depends on How Many Hours You Sleep

Sleep is one of the main allies of your silhouette but it can just as well be the opponent of your silhouette, if you do not sleep well and enough. You can gain weight quite easily if you do not pay enough attention to the normal sleep hours. Therefore, in this context Dr. Oz recommends [&hellip

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A Meditation Exercise for a Restful Sleep

Banish your bad thoughts, calm your mind, relax your muscles and try to disconnect from the surrounding reality, are probably the best things you can do when you have trouble sleeping. If you do not know how to get them, try a meditation technique, which will bring you the most restful sleep. Let’s see how! [&hellip

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Changing Your Bedtime Habits Makes You Slimmer

Do you tend to be a night owl? No, I do not think so. In fact, everyone wants to be full of energy, mentally sharp, and productive. It is well known that you can reach these desiderata only through a good night sleep. However, not everyone knows that simply changing your bedtime habit could help [&hellip

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Sleep and Weight Loss – The Way Your Sleep May Help You to Lose Weight

Diet and eating habits must be carefully evaluated in terms of sleep problems. Offending food must be completely removed from the diet, regardless of time of day they are consumed. Even  very small residues of chemicals and bio-chemistry will have significant effects on sleep for several hours or even days later. Both over-and under-feeding should [&hellip

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