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Pineapple – A Great Fruit for Your Health

Benefits that You May Do Not Know about Pineapples Pineapple is a delicious fruit that should not miss from your diet, because it contains minerals and vitamins. It is known that the pineapple is a rich source of micro-nutrients, is low in calories and, moreover, has properties to fight certain diseases, from indigestion to inflammation [&hellip

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Apple Juice Diet for Body Detoxification and Weight Loss

Apple juice is a nutritious and healthy drink in the same time, rich in potassium and many other important nutrients that can be successfully included not only in a weight loss diet, but rather in a body detoxification diet. Let’s see more about apple juice diet and how it can help you lose weight healthily. [&hellip

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How to Beat Your Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday season it is about being merry, it is about eating, it is about drinking; this is the reason we gain about five pounds each of us during the season. How to lose 5 lbs of Holiday Bloat in Just 2 days There is an easy way to get your extra pounds off very fast; [&hellip

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