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Chestnuts – Food and Medicine

During autumn, chestnut trees can be admired in all their splendor and we can start to eat chestnuts. These tiny fruits have both nutritional and health qualities, perhaps less known to many of us. They can be a great nutritive supplement Chestnuts along with peanuts and nuts can complement your diet. The Turks were the [&hellip

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The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

A balanced vegan diet will provide you a state of perfect health and help you maintain your beauty more than any medication or treatment. In addition, vegan diet will offer you all the necessary nutrients and will help you lose weight and while preventing a number of serious affections and diseases. Read this article and [&hellip

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How Your Health can Benefit from Fermented Foods (Pickling Method)

Fermented foods are known since ancient times. They have important health benefits and the art of pickling involves preserving foods in acid. There are two methods of preservation. The Brine Pickling Method This method of preservation was used before the invention of refrigerator. This traditionally method required only salt in order vegetables to produce their [&hellip

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The Vegetarian Diet May Be OK for Young Children

With proper planning and a wide of vegetarian options, children and adolescents can reap the health benefits of a non meat diet during the most important stages of life. Generally the parents who have a vegetarian diet require such a diet for their children too. There are many adolescents who for various reasons (weight, a [&hellip

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