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Dr. Oz about Coconut Oil and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Coconut oil is an ally of your health with amazing benefits and recognized even by the famous American doctor Dr. Oz. Whether you use it in the kitchen or in your beauty ritual, the coconut oil extract keeps you healthy and beautiful. Until recently, there were conflicting views on the health effects of coconut oil. [&hellip

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Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen: Healthy Aging with High-Protein Diet

Today, high-protein diet is one of the most searched topics online. In fact this issue, ‘high-protein diet “or” high-protein “is Goggled almost 700,000 monthly. It’s become increasingly accepted that eating a lot of protein, even from fatty meat as well as slashing carbs, is a wise way to be healthy and incredibly, …to lose weight. [&hellip

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Quick Weight Loss | Five Detox Recipes Recommended by Dr. Oz

A Detox diet is a welcome anytime, but especially in the autumn, when nature gives us plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that you can rely on. And perhaps the most appropriate Detox recipes, which are based on this natural wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables, are the Detox recipes of the famous Dr.Oz. Let’s [&hellip

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Dr Oz: How to Keep Your Diet According to Age

As you age, your body ages too, being in a constantly changing.  Unfortunately, you cannot stop this aging process, but you can mitigate the negative effects if you have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Every age has its own characteristics and needs, so things that help you keep in a good shape at [&hellip

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Dr. Oz’s Miracle Fruit Helps You Lose Weight

You like many others have tried countless diets but nothing seems to work. Maybe it is the right time to follow the recommendations of the famous American cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Oz, and start a diet based on fruits, namely raspberries. After all, this weight loss diet plan does not sound too bad. Raspberry is a [&hellip

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Dr. Oz’s Plan for Easy and Quick Digestion

The plan recommended by the famous Dr. Oz (Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz) for a quick and easy digestion can help you not only to get rid of unpleasant bloating, but also to have a perfect abdomen for the bold summer outfits. Surely, you have experienced digestive disorders and discomfort such as indigestion or constipation at [&hellip

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