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How to Control Your Hunger

Hunger usually is triggered by your brain when it detects even a slightly drop in blood sugar (glucose) that is in fact, the major fuel source of your body. To maintain the level of the blood glucose, your brain gives an order and immediately a chemical response starts your hunger feeling. Hunger feelings could happen [&hellip

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What You Do Not Know about Popcorn

In my opinion, popcorn came with the advent of cinema. I do not think that there may be a closer interdependence than between popcorn and movies. Popcorn is your favorite snack when watching an interesting movie or your favorite team playing. However, beyond that is a customary snack, popcorn seems to present quite impressive nutritional [&hellip

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How to Find Out How Many Calories to Consume Each Day

We human beings are different both mentally and physically. What unites us above all, is the desire to be healthy and live a healthy life. Our health depends primarily on body weight. Whatever your goal is, losing weight or maintaining your weight, you need to determine how many calories you can consume daily without any [&hellip

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