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How Fitness Can Help You to Keep Your Diabetes under Control

Today in North America, more and more peoples have diabetes, and the number is going to increase for the next years. Numerous studies show that fitness can help. It is been proven that physical activities help the insulin production and manage blood glucose levels. Exercise that will elevate your heart rate The exercise, that can [&hellip

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How to Avoid New Diabetes Trigger

A recent study of more than 30 000 persons shows that taking cholesterol-lowering statins can in fact raise your risk for diabetes. Statins do not just quash cholesterol production but, they can be tough for your liver and that can cause diabetes problems. To lower your cholesterol you should try some other remedies. Learn How [&hellip

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How Circulatory Health Can Affect Your Diabetes – Dry Skin Brushing and Aromatherapy

Having a healthy circulatory is very important for all of us, and especially for people with diabetes. During the winter season, maintaining circulatory health is more challenging. Dry brushing with essential oils is a natural circulatory boosting solution. Circulatory Health and Your Diabetes A bad circulation is a great risk when is associated with diabetes. [&hellip

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How Gum Disease Can Make Your Diabetes Worse

A proper nutrition plays a key role in prevention of periodontal disease and diabetes. Oral problems can be a sign to serious underlying conditions. People with diabetes are more at risk of gum disease compare to those without. Periodontal disease is the sixth complication of diabetes condition. Those who do not have their diabetes under [&hellip

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How to Stop Serious Illnesses like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis and more – before They Even Start

Cut your diabetes risk. People who consumes salads and others vegetables are 20% less likely to develop pre- diabetes or diabetes. The antioxidant contains in veggies prevents the pancreatic damage, fighting the free radicals. Lower your blood pressure. A new study shows that the persons, who eat low fat dairy three times per week, lower [&hellip

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Diabetes and I

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by excess sugar (glucose) which can be detected by biological, blood (blood sugar) or urine (glycosuria). Excess blood glucose is harmful to health. Glucose comes from food digestion. To enter the cells where it is used as fuel, glucose needs insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. A person [&hellip

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