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Benefits of Influenza Vaccination

Vaccines are one of the best ways by which you can protect your child from flu and cold in winter. Even if you have not vaccinated your child at the beginning of the season there is still a chance to do before the advent of epidemic influenza. Vaccination is even more important because any flu [&hellip

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Ginger Tea is Beneficial for Your Health

With a great flavor, ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world. You can use it to flavor foods and sweet preparations, but the simplest way that you can enjoy all of the wonderful ingredients is tea. Ginger is a goldmine for your body. Rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals [&hellip

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Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

It is well known the beneficial effect of chicken soup that is a natural medicine, for colds and flu, but there are other natural remedies that can help you against a nasty cold or flu such as those made from honey. Honey Remedies for Coughs, Colds and Sore Throat Honey is an important ingredient against [&hellip

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How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Staying healthy during the winter season can be challenge. If you catch a cold, this can be a great opportunity to stimulate your immunity system. Recent study shows that when you are outside in the cold temperature, inhaling the cold air, your body is more likely to catch a cold or flu. The physical stress [&hellip

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Do Not Let the Cold or Flu Bring You Down & Fight Back with Foods, Supplements and Herbs

It is again that period of year for flu and cold season. Flu symptoms include everything from stuffy nose to muscle aches and these can weaken you. As winter sets in, we are spending more time indoors, increasing our exposure to nasty cold and flu viruses. Though we are not always able to avoid these [&hellip

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The Best Cures for Your Winter Cough

Chronic cough is one of the reasons people are checking with their family doctors this time of year. Cold and flu are not only be blamed for the annoying cough; in fact, there are other health conditions responsible for the cough too. Cough and Blood Pressure Medication There are blood pressure medications, which has cough [&hellip

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How to Cure Your Common Cold – Sinuses Cure

Cold season is here. You can protect yourself with the right remedies. Use saltwater. To fight your congestion, pain, and other nasal symptoms, just by rinsing your sinuses with saltwater twice every day will ease the cold in only 48 hours. Salt kills virus and reduce the inflammation. Spritz each nostril several times than blow [&hellip

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How Spirulina Can Make You Feel Great all Winter Season

Recent studies show that you can fight the frequent colds or flu season by taking Spirulina. This green- blue algae is rich nutritional supplement may be your solution. 1. Taking one tablet of Spirulina daily may ease your fatigue by 80 %. A plant compound will increase the oxygen carrying red blood cells production. 2. [&hellip

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How You Can Keep Away a Bad Cold or Flu

You can keep away bugs or other infections by working up your defense system. Wash every week your reusable grocery bags. In this way you protect yourself against the bugs you are caring around with your begs if you don’t wash them fervently .The trunk of your car being warm is a perfect medium for [&hellip

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