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5 Miraculous Seeds that Lower Cholesterol

The “bad” high cholesterol (LDL) is a serious condition, characteristic of modern human beings. Mainly caused by stress, but especially by poor diet, LDL cholesterol, increases considerably the risk of heart attack, if present in excessive amounts in the body. Fortunately, there are simple methods and why not, even delicious that can help you to [&hellip

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Lesser-Known Benefits of Milk

Typically, milk and dairy products are considered very important food I would say essential foods for your diet each of us, especially for teenagers and seniors. But they should play a central role, a more important in our diet, even if we are not teenagers anymore or have not yet reached the retirement age. Peak [&hellip

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How Plant Sterols Can Help You Lower Your Cholesterol

If you are like me with high cholesterol, and you believe in the naturally way of healing, there is good news: plant sterols can lower your bad cholesterol level (LDL). Plant sterols are compounds you can found in plants, fruits vegetables nuts and grains. What is unique about these plant sterols is their composition, which [&hellip

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How to Avoid New Diabetes Trigger

A recent study of more than 30 000 persons shows that taking cholesterol-lowering statins can in fact raise your risk for diabetes. Statins do not just quash cholesterol production but, they can be tough for your liver and that can cause diabetes problems. To lower your cholesterol you should try some other remedies. Learn How [&hellip

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Cholesterol–Allowed and Forbidden Foods

In the last years we talk more and more about the “bad cholesterol” and the harm caused to our health. We can easily control the cholesterol in our blood, maintain the correct level. You can reduce the cholesterol if you follow the   right nutritional choices and a healthy life style . What we have  to [&hellip

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Cholesterol and I

Not many decades ago it was discovered a causal link between cholesterol in the diet and cardiovascular disease. Most of us are familiar with the name of drugs used to reduce blood cholesterol levels but not many of us know what to eat or avoid, in order to lower the cholesterol level. What is cholesterol? [&hellip

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