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What to Eat when You are a Stressed and Busy Person

A proper diet is one of the most readily available solutions when stress and anxiety occurred in your life. Between two meetings and three phones at work, stay healthy and full of energy so you can overcome any obstacle that comes in your way. Let’s see what you have to eat to combat stress and [&hellip

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Chamomile and Lemon Diet – Lose Pounds and Stress

Diet with lemon and chamomile is becoming increasingly popular among women who want to lose weight harmoniously without putting their health at risk. This diet is not hard to follow, but it requires you to make small changes in your daily habits. Five Iced Teas that Burn Fat Fast and Hydrate You If you are [&hellip

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Dr.Oz – Get Rid of Stress with Black Tea and Pistachios

For modern human being headaches have become increasingly common, not to mention sleepless during the night or back pains that are pains that you face almost daily. Unfortunately, stress is part of your life, of your daily routine. Be it money, family, job, or an argument with a friend, this menace of XXI century is [&hellip

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A Meditation Exercise for a Restful Sleep

Banish your bad thoughts, calm your mind, relax your muscles and try to disconnect from the surrounding reality, are probably the best things you can do when you have trouble sleeping. If you do not know how to get them, try a meditation technique, which will bring you the most restful sleep. Let’s see how! [&hellip

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Natural Depression Supplements: What the New Research Reveals

Struggling with a severe depression? There are countless natural alternatives for those looking for alternative medicinal remedy — but determining what doesn’t  and what works can be a really challenge for experts and consumers alike. According to “Dr. Charles Raison” this is because the information related to this topic are quite poor. Perhaps it should [&hellip

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Six Techniques to Relieve Your Stress in Minutes

Stress, this challenge that you face every day, is a growing problem and can lead to anxiety, depression, skin irritation, heart problems and even obesity. Fortunately, there are some simple exercises that can eliminate the effects of physical and mental stress. More than that, it is not necessary to go to the gym to practice [&hellip

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How Thanksgiving Can Boost Your Happiness all Year Around

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrated by Canadian and American peoples. In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the second Monday of October. In America is cerebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is great to have a national holiday to give thanks for everything is going good in your life. Family and [&hellip

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How to be Stress Free with the World Best Cures

“Mother Nature “is offering remedies for a lot of symptoms related to every day stress. Called adaptogen, these natural herbs counteract whatever problem you are experiencing at the time. If you feel dragging, the herbs will wake you up; if you are anxious, they will calm you down; if you are, stress they will make [&hellip

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