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Yoga Can Help You to Breathe Right

The way you breathe is very important for your health. During the day, wherever you find a moment, take the opportunity to connect with sacredness of everyday life. In Yoga breath (or Pranayama) is said to be the link between your mind and your body. Perhaps, breath is one of the most important parts of [&hellip

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When Things Feel Scary Use Meditation and Relaxation

Fear is a natural emotion and part of our life. Relaxation techniques can bring fear and stress relive. To effectively combat fear we need to activate the body natural relaxation response. You can do this: a)     By practicing relaxation techniques including deep breathing; visualization; meditation; and yoga. b)     By performing rhythmic exercise such as running; [&hellip

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A Few Reasons to Practice Yoga and Meditation

When we start yoga and meditation, we invite major changes into our life. These changes start from within. Maybe this practice unleashes a deep longing in our heart and shows us the truths we have been hiding from our self. Soon after we start this practice we are going to see big external changes in [&hellip

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Diet and Acupuncture and the Way Acupuncture is Really Works

The acupuncture is a medical Chinese method, use as an adjutant to effective makes it easier to lose weight, and maintain that loss. Acupuncture is natural, safe, can prevent disease and improve mood. The exact mechanism by which acupuncture works is unknown, what we know is that needles inserted into specific points on the body [&hellip

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